Co-Parenting During and After Divorce

How you handle your divorce can have lasting effects on you, as well as your children. Even those with the best intentions to leave their children out of the middle get overwhelmed, frustrated and emotional. Learn strategies to decrease the negative effects of divorce for your children and for your own life, today, and into the future.

Following a divorce, co-parents continue to find it challenging to communicate in productive and respectful ways.  Unresolved issues about trust, infidelity, finances, blended families, and other issues that keep people emotionally triggered, continue to bubble up and cause problems.  Rachel provides co-parenting coaching to co-parents who want or need to resolve the issues that keep them stuck or in conflict. 

If you have issues that keep you from effectively co-parenting following a divorce or your parenting plan agreements are vague and you are not in agreement, RELATIONshift can help.   Resolve issues before they become on-going problems and stay out of court.