Divorce Support

Mediation, Support Groups and Co-Parenting Coaching

Divorce is a legal and emotional process. How parents respond to and resolve issues will have an important impact on their lives and the lives of their children.  RELATIONshift offers a variety of services to support you during and after the divorce process.

Even parents with the best intentions can have a hard time communicating, resolving conflict and co-parenting. RELATIONshift offers experience, knowledge and understanding to help people get through difficult situations, before, during and after divorce.  In this section you will find information on the following support options:

1. Parenting Plan and Post-Decree Mediation: Rachel specializes in helping parents create Parenting Plans as part of any divorce process.  Often times this is the first and best step to starting your divorce process on the right foot because the focus is on the children.  And she provides mediation services following a divorce that allows parents to stay out of court and resolve issues on their own. 

2. Support Groups: RELATIONshift offers a variety of support groups for people who want to connect with others who are facing similar challenges and experiences during and following a divorce. 

3. Co-Parenting: During and following a divorce, RELATIONshift provides support to individuals and co-parents, outside of court, who need or want additional support with any parenting plan issues, on-going conflict, and other issues that keep families from moving forward in healthy ways, including blended family issues, infidelity, changes to the parenting plan agreements, etc.




“Rachel helps couples navigate difficult situations with wisdom, honesty, and even a bit of humor and hope.”