Parenting Plans and Post-Decree Mediation

As divorced parents, you’ll be challenged to make decisions together while living apart. Creating a well thought-out, detailed parenting plan is a great first step.  

Rachel serves as a neutral party to help you create a parenting plan that takes into account your children's realities and best interests.  It is one of the most important components of any divorce decree.  The parenting plan discussions focus on how and what to tell the children, co-parenting communication, the parenting time schedule, decision making for the children, extra-curricular activities, extended family, holidays, significant others, and a number of other issues that impact your family and your children. 

Post-decree, mediation allows divorced parents to come back to their parenting plan or other co-parenting issues and reach agreements about how to move forward.  

Mediation is a confidential process that makes it possible for divorced or divorcing couples to:

  • Resolve their problems themselves, rather than have a third party decide their outcomes
  • Thoughtfully review and discuss issues, consider alternatives and evaluate suggestions that may encourage resolutions
  • Reach agreements that are in the children’s best interest and amicable to both parties
  • Mediation can help alleviate the cost and strain that hasty decision making, unresolved conflict and emotional roadblocks bring. It also makes post-divorce adjustments easier for all involved.