Parenting Plan Summary

Decision Making, Co-Parenting Communication, Parenting Time Schedule

Major Decision Making: Education, Religion and Cultural Heritage, Medical/ Dental/Mental Health Care, Childcare, Extra-Curricular ActivitiesSports Programs, 

Communication: Regularly scheduled communication between parents; Urgent Communications; Guidelines for Communication; Future ADR Process; Contact and Relationships with New Significant Other; Attendance at and Participation in Child(ren)’s Activities; Family Relationships (Extended family, significant other/blended families); Well-Being of the Children.

Parenting Time Schedule: Child(ren)’s Residence; Parenting Time Schedule; "On-Duty" Parenting Responsibilities; Holiday/Vacation and Non-School Days Schedule; Temporary or Occasional Changes to Parenting Time Schedule; Permanent Modification to Parenting Time Schedule; How to resolve disagreements and/or changes to the parenting time schedule.